Thursday, March 25, 2010

It's Good to Write Again

It's 2010, the end of March, and my 2nd year in Greece is speedily coming to an end. I have learned a lot, believed a lot, cried a lot, laughed a lot. And it's not over yet. Whoever thought that with one simple step like buying a one way ticket you could completely alter your life, your family, your friends, your dreams, your goals? I guess I am the same girl who at age 5 wanted to be an actress. But then I am at the same time someone God has re-created in the midst of prayer and trial and love. This nation is stamped on my heart, these people are my fellow comrades in arms, this city has made me alive.

I feel like I'm almost starting at ground zero again. Need to believe for provision, need to get crafty, need to fight that old enemy that I'm just ordinary. I've started a cd project which will be my first real cd. I'm blessed to work with a man who's dedicated and excited about the process. In the words of my spiritual father, "You can't be an over-comer unless you have something to overcome."

Some time ago I felt like the Lord told me to spend a lot of time in the John's. I'm not sure if He meant all of them but I've been reading a lot of 1 John. You can't go wrong with love. Love at all times. It's not easy learning to love like You. But if there's one thing that can change things, one thing that can turn a relationship around, one thing that can break walls, it's love. And even if it hurts like better love. Out of that, your reward is love. A heart big in the ability to love is unique, it's what God is after.

1 am and I am off to bed...

Monday, March 09, 2009

Is There Anybody Out There? When Heaven Breaks In

So it's been a while and now I'm currently living in Thessaloniki, Greece, the land of gyros and coffee bars. But I thought I'd revisit my blog, get it up and running again so that I have a record of my travels and experiences. It's hard to believe I've been living here already for four months. In some ways time has flown. In others, it has stopped. A typical day here for me consists of a few things: prayer/worship, meeting people, lunch and coffee, and/or whatever meeting might be taking place that day. I have a feeling things are gonna get a little busier soon, and I'm looking forward to feeling the pressure of not enough time, as strange as that might sound. Let's see, in these past few months I've been to Skopje twice, almost got stuck there, traveled to Istanbul, almost got married to an old Turkish man, joined in a multi-church worship conference, flew a kite by the ocean, found new family, fell in love with the Greek people, found myself dreaming more, realized how much I still let fear have its way, going to new levels in worship, writing a lot, singing even more, enjoying God like I've never had, and well the list goes on. So this will definitely be an experience of a lifetime, and the first of many to come I imagine. I've had my downs, like worrying about money, missing fam and all my DP dwellers, or just plain feeling alone. BUT...I wouldn't trade it for anything...well maybe a really really nice and new Taylor. No, but seriously, I have a feeling I'll be sticking around these parts until I hear God say otherwise. Some crew from DP will be here in 2 months which will be awesome. And, the winter has quickly faded into a fast approaching spring. Which means, it's time for me to break out the hippie-ness and play music outside. It's been really cool to see God moving in this nation, to fight alongside people who've been faithful in this region, to belive for them and with them. Lately, I've been listening to a lot a lot of Lou Engle about the prayer movement, and it's only adding to my own passion for houses of prayer to spring up all over the world. The hour or two that I spend praying each day is not only a lifeline to me, but I feel such momentum to love God and love others in the things I have to do. My prayer lately is that God will pinpoint his faithful ones in this city, that we can unite in prayer and service for this nation, that young and old will be given a clear and powerful voice to see a people come to Lord, to see captives freed, and religion broken. Something is brewing here...

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

The Call, Loose Ends, and a Kingdom of Violence

Last Saturday a group of about 42 people headed off to DC to join forces with Lou Engle and clan in the battle for our nation. As soon as we pulled up, though still miles away from site, I could feel the momentum and thickness of the Spirit. Perhaps it was my own excitement to be thrust into a period of 12 hours non-stop strategic prayer and worship but felt drawn in like a moth to the flame, pardon the cliche. The heat and fasting were a toll but when you're energized by the Holy Spirit there ain't nothing better. I've learned not to put expectations on how an event like this will look b/c every time is different and God has a different focus. But I love being in an environment where people pray with such confidence and victory in doubting. It's something I'm growing in and I want God to take me to a higher level where I see things change around me b/c I declare His will. There was a time at the end where they were praying for young leaders to arise and my heart rejoiced. Like the apostolic youth group that shook a nation 2000 years ago, I want to be a part of disturbing the status quo, the peace, the darkness around me. There was a sweet time where a few of us prayed released over each other for various callings and I really sensed God imparting vision to me. For Tech, for Greece, about who I am. Anyway, I leave for Thessaloniki in less than two months. Time is passing fast. I've got to pack and get moved into my sister's. I've got to sell some stuff...I've got to believe God for some stuff and take one big step out onto that sea.

DP@VT starts up again soon and how I love this small group of believers. I know it's gonna grow and I know we'll reach so many people on campus. I'll try and post updates about Greece.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Where Has the Time Gone?

Sorry for not posting in a while. It's been a challenging, eventful, and somewhat overcoming month. Like I overcame the month, took it by the bull horns, and yeah, now I'm almost in August. But all in all a blessed and surprising time. Ever feel slightly off track...sort of off-kilter like you have a bad case of vertigo, can't quite find your rhythm? And then something happens that sort of just directs you back on path. I guess mainly for me it's been priorities. Mine have been all to pots this month but hey grace and mercy and the goodness of God. All in all I think things that troubled me have turned out to be sign posts pointing me in the right way. Like my roommate getting married and having to look for a new place. Not getting the job I wanted. I think I'm getting a big, fat boot to the butt, as my trusted and gentle authority would say, getting kicked out of the nest. It is always a blessing to have family from over the great blue and hear testimony of what God is doing. I feel a real connection with them and now am planning a more extended stay in Thessaloniki. How cool is that? One of the birthplaces of the gospel. What an honor. I can't stop thanking God. Anyway, sleep is overdue, there are ogres to battle, vampires to slay. And a warm bath calling my name.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Ethenbern: Red-Dwarf tree city

So for the few of you who know what I'm referring to here: a glimpse into what I see Ethenbern looking like. Though of course more people, more weapons, more blood. Shotgun the jumper in the back.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Adama's Revelations

I just finished watching the half-season conclusion of Battlestar Galactica, which will pick back up sometime in the fall. I have one cliche word for you. Amazing. The past couple of episodes have flung us headlong into the human-Cylon struggle to find peace and rebuild a world that both have a hand in destroying. As they continue on a course for Earth, sanity is lost, betrayal inevitable, and hope dwindles for no one is who they think they are, and home is a fading dream. The young, pompous son has matured into a great leader, president in the absence of Laura, the hot-headed, rebellious Thrace has finally achieved her destiny in unlocking the key to earth, and my personal favorites Admiral Adama and President Roslin have finally realized that a different path is needed in order to preserve humanity, one that includes trusting the Cylons. You see their leadership falter as they both endure difficult realities, such as the Admiral's C.O. revealing himself to be a toaster, and Laura's cancer ever speeding her on toward death. This little band has endured close to hell to see the fulfillment of the prophecy that they would find earth, and as Bill takes that first step onto land, grabs a handful of dirt, and throws it away angrily, you know they haven't reached their resting place. Another mystery is yet to be solved before the colony can settle in renewed hope, and began again with the Skin-jobs by their side. The scenes just before landing on earth are everything they should be. The crew rejoices, Adama delivers a short but poignant speech, he embraces the woman that's given their vision strength, Lee hops onto the com and hollers like a madman, Celtic battle music plays in the background. Beautiful. But then the camera fades with Laura's cynical word, "earth," on a dreary, desolate beach and the ruins of a temple that look like they've been blown to pieces. Everyone is disheartened, human and Cylon alike, as they glance over what should have been a glorious end to all their perseverance and struggle. Wow. Great job Moore and Eick. I couldn't have thought of it better. Now, we only have to wait a few months to see the path grow darker before, hopefully, they can "lay their burdens down" in the light of their new home. Will Laura really die? Will Adama be able to maintain his sanity if she does? Will Saul and the Admiral forgive each other? Will Baltar ever confess his sin to the rest of humanity? Will the Cylons revert to their old ways? And of course...who is the final fifth? This show is not for the faint at heart but I recommend it to those who enjoy a good boxing match or a flight through the stars. You won't be disappointed.

Monday, June 02, 2008

Dances on the Frontier

So if you've ever been to a foreign country or begun a venture you weren't quite sure how it would end up then you'll agree with me when I say there's nothing like it, no better school, no amount of entertainment that can equal such an experience. I've been reading Dances with Wolves. Not only do I love the wild beauty that is the frontier, the strange civilization of the Indians, and the story of one man's quest to discover what it means to truly be alive, but I find myself entranced in his words and in the memories of my own journeys where I've tasted similar things.

You take that first step off the plane, nothing smells right, no one speaks English, you know there are two things that never change: coffee, and beer. Aside from that you're on your own. I'm exaggerating here for literary's sake so please...

"With a startling suddenness, the lieutenant felt overwhelmed. He realized that he had no idea where to begin, what his function should be, or even how to regard himself. He had no duties, no program to follow, and no status."

As you begin to settle into life of a different kind, life out on the frontier where values don't equal what is common in western society today, you begin to see with very different eyes. The woman who's lived there all her life yet still treats the poor with fresh compassion, a cup of coffee shared with someone you might've gone to war with once, the passing of stories from one culture to the other, laughs over who said what wrong and how close it was to being a major taboo...all elements which make for a rich day.

"What he might have had lacked was pale in light of what he had. His mind was free. There was no work and there was no play. Everything was one. It didn't matter whether he was hauling water up from the stream or tying into a hearty dinner. Everything was the same, and he found it not at all boring. He thought of himself as a single current in a deep river. He was separate and he was whole, all at the same time. It was a wonderful feeling."

You don't have to go gallivanting across the world to know what I mean. A simple risk, a chance where it makes sense to make sense, is all that's required. It doesn't matter who you aren't because you're too busy being who you are. To all my friends who've been there and are there keep on riding. I'll be joining you when I can.